Download TEA TV app apk android

Download TEA TV app apk Android : Tea TV is an amazing Android app which brings movies , tv shows , animations etc., to your mobile. This app is free and it has pretty simple user interface which makes this app cool. Unfortunately this app is not available in google play store but no worries that’s we are here , explaining to you how to Download TEA TV app apk for your Android mobiles for freee .

Let’s see what exactly is Tea TV app and what makes it a must have android app. Tea TV app brings the whole entertainment world to your mobile. It is easily the one place destination for all movies , TV shows, Animations. You can simply search for any show or movie and watch it there itself with just single click. Most importantly it is completely add free, which makes it even cooler without all those annoying adds.The way to Download TEA TV app apk is very easy.

In Tea TV you can search for any hollywood movies and watch it there itself in whatever quality you prefer. This also provides option to search based on year of release. When you search with year , It will show all the movies released that year . You can also filter based on genre. You can even combine the filters like filter comedy genery in the year 2016. You can select the language of the show.  You can download and watch show with subtitles of your favourite language.

Watching TV shows in Tea TV is also extremely easy. you can watch almost any of your favourite TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldong, Two and Half Men etc. You can also add subtitles of your language and watch any show in any quality.

Animations from various channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Network etc are all available here in Tea TV. You can get almost all the seasons of your favourite animation from any channel with subtitles in any language. This Animation contains not just the present running shows , It will have old shows aswell which makes it pretty addictive.

One more major extra feature in Tea TV is it allows you to clear cache, which helps in the performance of your Android Device. This also maintains the watch history which is pretty cool.This app has very less buffering time and you can load the videos very fast. Tea TV is currently available only for Android devices. you can Download TEA TV app apk for android here



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