Speedify – To pair multiple Internet connections

Have you ever faced download error due to WiFi connection crash in the middle of download or did you ever interrupted in the middle of important meeting due to WiFi connection and again you have to change connection to mobile data from WiFi to continue the task. We all must have faced this problem at least once in our life time till now. Did u feel that if you can pair multiple internet connections you can solve this problem as the other connections will work when one is failed. Have you ever thought of solution for this problem ? If it is so you are right, we have solution for this annoying problem. Here presenting you the solution :

To Pair Multiple Internet Connections : 

Sometimes a WiFi connection crashes. And this is quite painful, because you have to switch to 4G and if you are in the middle of a VIP call, this will cause a break in the conversation. Same thing if you’re uploading a holiday movie or playing a network. Fortunately, there is a solution called Speedify that allows to connect several simultaneous connections in Android, i OS, Mac-OS and Windows.

You can combine both the speed of your WiFi network and that of your 4G subscription for example on Android. Your surfing will be more stable and faster, because Speedify automatically cuts your Internet traffic, packet by packet, to 2 in order to collect it behind a VPN access.

To pair multiple Internet connections

To pair multiple Internet connections

The important thing is to be aware of it : Warning, which says VPN, says traffic that passes through a third-party server. Setup options allow you to use Speedify as a connection booster or as an automatic switch in the event of a power outage. And you can also set a limit of 3G / 4G data to use to not burst your package.


To pair multiple Internet connections

Speedify allows only 200 MB of transfer per day in the free version, so to say nothing at all, but it already allows to test the service. You need to pay 50 bullets per year to switch to unlimited mode. This may be an option to consider if you are already using a VPN.

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