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torrent stream controller :

torrent stream controller apk is a simple stream tool to play torrent video and audio files in just a moment. If you are getting bored with a regular day and looking for something entertaining and time passing? If your answer is yes then just download torrent stream controller apk on your mobile and enjoy watching torrent videos with lot more fabulous features.

In this post, we are going to share you complete features and also guide you on how to download torrent stream controller apk.

torrent stream controller

Using torrent stream controller you can play torrent video and audio instantly from your device with your favorite player. This app supports Chromecast as well. You can be able to cast video and audio on your TV. It also support Multi-language subtitles. It has an improved file support for VLC users. Here you can choose your favorite media files to download and play. Torrent Stream Controller provides us option to choose to download and play only selected files or all torrent files.

Download Torrent Stream Controller apk

We can also pick torrent files from your SD or paste torrent or magnet url. We can also search torrent on the web using this app. Torrent Stream Controller also supports torrent stream resume feature and having the dedicated notification to control and check the stream. You can also choose to keep files after streaming or not from settings. It has a special feature where you can remove ads with a small in app purchases from settings. You can be able to choose your download/cache location in settings.

Download Torrent Stream Controller apk

Use this app to play torrent media files without any download. You just need to wait for the connection and buffering time to play your file.

Download Torrent Stream Controller apk

Download Torrent Stream Controller apk :

So why are you waiting still, just install the app and enjoy watching your favorite torrent videos with all the extra features which make this app handy for you to use.

link to download apk : download here

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